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How to Use a Coil Binding Machine?

You need to know that not all top quality coil bindings supplies is the same. However, this is going to help you with some common steps and get to know some of the common features that are found in the coil binding machines. If you want, you can buy the machines either with or without the inserter. In case you still have to purchase the machine, this is an important criteria that you need to take into account. Given below are the steps to bind a document.

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Decide on Size

Before you start with the process, the most important thing that you need to do is decide on the coil binding process. You can take the help of the sizing guide that is available.

Use Scratch Paper

You have to start with a scratch paper. It will be same size as the project. Thereafter, you need to adjust the edge of the guide for your size paper. After this, you need to insert the page and make the punch. Now, the page has to be folded in half to check out if the holes line up. In case the holes are evenly aligned while being folded then you have to move on. If not, then you have to make more adjustments till it. This way you will be able to present a good project with the top quality coil binding’s supplies.

In case the machine has disengage-able die pins and it is punching through the edge of t edge of the project, you need to find the right pins and pull it out. If you do this the hole is not going to be punched. When you have disengage-able die pins, it will allow you do any type of custom sized project. In case you do not have them, your machine is set up for the standard size.

Your machine might also have depth of margin control. This controls the distance from the punched holes to the edge of the paper. You are going to have smaller depths for the thinner books. This will help the pages to turn well. Make sure that you use thicker depths for the thicker books to make more room within the coil binding like the top quality coil bindings supplies. This way you will have stronger hold for the larger books.

Start the Real Project

In order to start with the real project, you have to align the front and the back cover. Thereafter, you need to punch it and set them aside.

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Continue Punching

You have to keep punching the entire project that is in order. It is necessary to punch the amount which is comfortable for you and something that will not exceed the limit of the top quality coil bindings supplies. Keep doing this till all pages have been punched.

Order Your Project

Order the project with the front and the back cover in the right place. In case you have a machine with a punch and no inserter then you have to twist the coil into the holes of the pages.  If you have the inserter then twist the coil into 4-5 holes. After this, with the inserter on, you have to place the coil against the roller. This top quality coil bindings supplies is going to spin the coil through the holes.

After this take the coil cutting crimpers and trim up the edges.